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21 May 2015 @ 08:41 am
[Master Post] Introduction ~  
Konnichiwa minna-san ~

Welcome to

This is a community dedicated to Itakiss fans. It is the first Philippine fanbased account open to all who wants to join~!

Brief Background of ItakissLit PH:

                Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo Philippines was founded by Rinna Hanazono last 2013. It started as a facebook fanpage. On the other hand, Gumi (
yamagumi23 ), started the twitter account @itakisslitph and tumblr account ( itakisslit2013.tumblr.com ) at the same year. The two merged and maintained all the accounts every day, giving updates to the fans of ItaKiss.

                Around April 2014, ItakissLit PH merged with Furukawa Yuki PH and HonoKi Lovers, which were also being founded by Gumi with her other admins around 2013.

                Today, ItaKiss LiT PH , Furukawa Yuki PH and HonoKi Lovers acts as one big Philippine fan based dedicated for Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo, for Furukawa Yuki and for HonoKi Shippers.

What to expect in this community?                                  
                This community is dedicated for Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo. We will give updates from the japanese drama itself, behind the scenes updates, latest updates from the production, and up to the daily lives of your favorite ItaKiss Casts.

                We will also try to give Download links of the drama, magazine scans, and translations.

What do we expect from the members?
                The administrators expect all the members TO ABIDE THE RULES AND REGULATIONS at all times. As a member of this community you are obliged to follow all the rules and regulations being set on this community. We accept you with trust and respect so don’t break the trust we gave to you.

Who runs this community?
-          Yamagumi (
yamagumi23 )
-          Dine (
amaimuffin29 )
-          Eunice (
eunice_kaname )
-          Micah (   )

Who are the affiliations of ItakissLiT PH?
-          Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo  Indonesia [Blogspot, Twitter, FB Page]
-          Furukawa Yuki Singapore [ Twitter , Tumblr, FB Page ]
-          Furukawa Yuki Vietnam [ Twitter , FB Page ]
-          Furukawa Yuki Indonesia [ FB Page ]
-          Furukawa Yuki International Fans Club [FB Page, Twitter]

-          Miki Honoka Philippines [ Twitter ]
-          Miki Honoka Indonesia   [ Twitter ]

 We GIVE PROPERLY CREDITS to the source of the photos, vids, and translations being posted inside the community. We do not own anything unless specified.

Please feel free to ask us questions if you are confused about something.

To Join our community, FEEL FREE TO CLICK THE JOIN BUTTON ^^

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ^^

ONLY LIVEJOURNAL accounts were allowed to join. (at least have 3 entries )
No FB / TWI/ other SNS Accounts.

ALL POSTS are MEMBER's LOCKED , so you need to join first ^^

-itakisslit_ph administrators