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15 June 2014 @ 10:26 am
This translation is from ITAKISS BLURAY DVD box




Part 1

Q- Question

Y: Yuki's Answer
M: Miki's Answer

Q: What’s your impression on each other when you met again?

Y: Your haircut has changed~
M: I guess you are bound to refer that (laughs). Yes, I cut my hair from the original to this.

Y: But this has a more mature feel to it. Yes.
M:You become younger.
Y: Ehh~ you played the joke on me in return.
M: Your hair now falls to your ears.
Y: Ah, you’re talking about my haircut?
M: Yes yes, yeah but something else like character won’t change, right?
Y: I think it won’t change.
M: It won’t change (…)

Q: Are there any changes after starring in the drama?

Y: Um, because of the drama, I got a lot of fans overseas .And I also get a lot of chances to develop in China. It never occurred to me before I starred in the drama, that’s the biggest change to me.
M: So do I, because of increasing overseas fans, I became interested in foreign countries. Although I wanted to go aboard before, now I am eager to meet overseas fans.

Q: Which country do you want to go?

M: The countries I wanna go to are Paris and New York, but…
Y:: *laughs* Both are not countries.
M:  No, it should be US and France, neh? I went to London not long ago.
Y: United Kingdom (laughs)
M: United Kingdom (laughs)
M: I went there. Because of Itakiss, I really want to go abroad.

Q: Furukawa-san went to London not long ago, did you say something to her before she went?

M: No, absolutely not.
Y: She didn’t know I went.
M: Why are you saying anything?~ Something like “I went there~”

Q: What activities did you have these past 8 months after finishing the drama?

Y: I starred in a stage play for the first time. (TN: I think he meant he starred as a lead role in a play for the first time?) At the same time, you also did stage play?
M: So did I, I did stage play but I also did many activities such as dramas, movies and stage play.

Q: Many overseas fans also went to see the stage play

Y: It’s amazing, the hallway was full of bouquets sent by fans. Also, there were so many oversea fans in fan meeting after the stage play, most of whom came specially to watch. I was moved a lot.
(from fans’ questions)

Q: How do you call each other?

Y: Kotoko (to Hononon)
M: Furu pon (Furu means furukawa)
(both laughs)

M: Why is it “Fur upon” again?
Y: Because the make-up artist (M: Ah, right!) call me “Furu pon” (M: calls you “Furu pon” first)
M: Gradually, the staff, me and everyone else began to call him “Furu pon”. At first I call him “Irie kun” but little by little, it changed then I started calling him “Furu pon”
(Staff: The age gap is a little big ,but you are close to each other)

Y: Ah, we talk just like this (without using Japanese honorifics)
M: I am sorry (formal)
Y: Not at all (formal)
(TN: basically, they are joking around by being suddenly formal w/ each other lol)

Q: what did you focus on when playing your roles?

M: Ah, there a lot of eating scenes
Y: You’re right (looking at MIKI)
M: Kotoko has a lot of scenes where she eats. So I focused much on diet to prevent from getting fat. I have to eat this way so whenever it’s lunch break, I don’t eat (TN: Can’t understand lol it’s either she doesn’t eat or only eats snacks)
Y: During lunch break, she doesn’t eat but if there’s a salad, she’ll eat the salad.
M: Right, right because it is an ideal food for diet. So it’s something I pay more attention to.
Y: For Irie, anything can’t be imperfect, so I focused much on self –management. I prevent having a rough skin, the hair is also a part of my concern. To get more closer to Irie, I tried my best to complete every detail.

Q: If there are some methods to remember the dialogue?

M: How do you memorize your lines?
Y: I can’t remember without the television on, so I remember the dialogue with the TV on and go through it like reviewing for an exam.
M: Hmm~
Y: to save time, I will also remember on subway or bus(with cell phone on)
M: Ah~
Y: This kind of feeling
M: For me, I will memorize while having my make up done. I will keep reading until I can remember it .
Y: (to the staff) She will fall asleep while having her make up done with the scripy on her hand.
M: But as long as I can remember it, that is a good method.(smile)

Q: Please tell your thoughts on the “princess embrace”.

M: I felt really sorry. Because of my weight, I feel sorry so I wanted to apologize to him.
Y: No, she is really not heavy, it’s just during the shooting, the scene is divided into many cuts so I have to carry her more than 10 times, my arms got a little sore.
M: (in a scene played in Tokyo university ) I passed out, in a general princess embrace, the girl will circle her arms around the boy’s neck, but I have to put all my weight to Furu pon, (M to Y: ah sorry) (Yuki: Furu pon) in the request of the script ,so…
Y: if the girl doesn’t use some energy, she will be heavier
M: So I will encircle my arms around his back, without being seen by the camera (while filming), to prevent myself from getting heavier and not to give him more burden.
Y: And because I have to carry Kotoko who’s completely collapsed on the ground then run through the whole street with carrying Kotoko, it was kind of laborious.
M: Also, it is all “one cut” (TN: means continuous acting from start to finish of the scene)
M: Neh? It was hard.
Y: Ah, but was the one who was carried.
M: (laughs) T-that’s right. I-I’m very sorry.
(both laughs)


Chinese translated by itazurakissfan (cr:古川穗香吧weibo)
English translated by: Flora
(insta: @reddatesmeng weibo:@桃田yukiko)
and Micah (twi: @anxiouss_ insta: @itakissloveintokyo)

Micah’s note: All TNs are mine lol I tried to translate a lot of missing parts from this part. I tried my best but there are still some left out, gomen ><