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05 July 2014 @ 11:45 pm
This translation is from ITAKISS BLURAY DVD box



Part 3

Q- Question

Y: Yuki's Answer
M: Miki's Answer

Q: Recommend some attractions from Tokyo to fans overseas.
Y: When it comes to sight-seeing, I would recommend Asakusa. When I still lived in Canada, every time I returned to Japan, I would go there. There are many restaurants and a lot of things to eat. I feel very good.
M: As for me, I’m not sure if it’s a tourist attraction but I will recommend Asakusabashi and Katsushika. (laughs) Neh? (to Yuki)
Y:(laughs) What do you mean?
M: (laughs) In Asakusabashi, it has an old town feel, it has an old Japanese style. Japan now is different, missing the previous atmosphere. Such place, same with Katsushika.
Y: The places that can show Japanese culture.
M: That’s right. The kind of old feeling.
Y: How about Kyoto?
M: That’s different.
Y: Not the same (laughs)
M: Kyoto is a place like the Shitamachi of Edo.
Y: Ah, sorry.
M: Yes, I like Katsushika and Asakusabashi.

Q: (to Honoka) you still continue to pursue someone even when you are left in the cold like Kotoko?
M: (shakes head) It would be too difficult. I think I would feel very depressed and I will lose confidence. Therefore, I want  learn from Kotoko-chan.

Q: (to Yuki) Will you care about the girl who bare her heart to you like Kotoko?
Y: I will and I think most men are the same. At first, maybe I will feel indifferent, but as time goes on, I will be very impressed by the girl.
(TN: Not sure about these next few dialogues, all I know is the thought is pretty much the same lol)
M: So you will accept her heart if she keeps following on?
Y: Yes.
M: As long as the woman will initiate it?
Y: I prefer that man chasing the woman better. (laughs)
(TN: End of un-sureness lol)
M: (laughs) Ah, sorry. You’re right. I’ll learn from now on.
Y: (laughs)

Q: (to Honoka) Favorite hairstyle of Kotoko?
M: My favorite was the one tied here like a ball and the hair is smoothed out on both sides, so the volume is about exposing the face line.
Y: (laughs) Okay, so the energetic face in now complete
M: The scene with the morning coffee. (Y: Ah~) Also after studying, while leaning like this.

Q: (to Yuki) ) Irie-kun and Furukawa-san have a lot in common. Do you have something totally different with Irie?
Y: He’s too cool. I’m not really like that.
M: Both of you are good at science subjects.
Y: We have the same science background, both are able to speak in English. But the cold attitude is not. I also don’t have an IQ of 200.

Q: What was the reaction of your family when they watched the drama?
M: My mother likes the drama very much. My mother has the collect set of the original Itakiss manga. She re-reads it from beginning to end.
Y: Eh~
M: So they are neatly placed at home.
Y: For me, my younger brother really liked “Yae no Sakura” (another drama Yuki was in) more, but when he saw Itakiss, he said I’m like Irie. But in my opinion, compared to me, my brother is more like Irie, he’s in the medical department just like Irie.

(Staff: Then how about if your brother play the role of Irie in Season 2?joke)
Y: Ah, when I’m sick, my brother can play the role.
(both laughs)
(TN: Not sure about these four dialogues too lol gomen)
M: How will Kotoko do?
Y: Kotoko will do good.
M: She’ll do good.
(TN: End of un-sureness lol)
Y: Both of your ages are relatively close too.
M: Right, right.
Both laughs.

-end of interview-

TRANS BY: Flora (reddatesmeng @ insta & twitter, 桃田Yukiko @ weibo) and Micah (anxiouss_ @ twitter, itakissloveintokyo @ insta)


Micah's note: LOL, ahhhhh finally!!! This project is doooOOone! Thank you all for waiting and gahhh GOD BLESS Flora for translating this for all of us! I just helped her a bit. Lol. Click here for her original translate ^^ I tried to make it as accurate as possible with my basic Japanese ;-; Sorry if there are some mis-translations.
And oh, we have a new project for you guys. Lol. I don't wanna tell you all yet what it is buuuut let's all hope it'll really push through. it's already in the works. I'm just not sure when will Flora finish it (because it's reaaaaally long) buuuut let's all cross our fingers that she'll finish it quickly ^^ Ganbatte, Flora!!! I recommend you guys to follow her on insta. She posts some really nice stuffs there about Itakiss/Yuki. Haha! That's all~ Wish us luck for the next project we have XD ARIGATOU, MINNA! <3